X45 Challenge 2017 Qualifiers

Online Competition for Individuals and teams


Registrations Open 

1st April, 2017.


1st-8th May, 2017.

X45 Challenge Weekend

11th-13th May, 2017.


Men's Open

Women's Open

Men's Scaled

Women's Scaled

Team Open

Juniors (>18)

All the information you need at www.sabahfitnessfestival.com

1. X45 Challenge 2017 Qualifier Registrations will commence from 1st April 2017 to 8th May 2017. 

2. The registration fees are USD8.00 for individuals and USD20 for teams (not inclusive of processing charges).

3. Two Qualifier WODs will be released at 8:00am (0800 hrs) on 1st May 2017 

4. Scores are to be submitted on 8th May 2017 before midnight. 

5. Video submission is required for score validation. Please upload videos for the two (2) WODs on YouTube and email us your name and video link to [email protected] 

6. After all the scores have been validated, the top individuals in each category will qualify for the spots as allocated below.

7. Spots by category* (including auto-qualified Podium Bounty athletes): 

Men’s Open – 32 

Women’s Open – 16 

Men’s Scaled – 32 

Women’s Scaled – 24 

8. For athletes who are through to the X45 Challenge 2016 weekend, a confirmation fee will be required within ten (10) days to secure your spot. 

*Spots may be reassigned from one category to another or added based on demand. 


1. Videos submitted must be taken in a continuous running shot; No cuts / breaks or loops. 

2. Video must have all STANDARDS, TIME and WEIGHT clearly recorded. Leave no room for doubt when you execute the movements! 

3. A judge is NOT REQUIRED. You are responsible for making sure each rep is good. 

4. All videos and scores will be evaluated by the X45 Challenge 2017 judging team. 

5. Begin each video by introducing yourself and highlighting your equipment clearly. 

6. There are four possible outcomes in the judging of video submissions: 

i. Good (*fistbump*) 

ii. Valid-Minor Penalty (results in deduction of one (1) to four (4) reps from submitted score as a result of video submissions with fewer than five (5) poorly executed or no reps) 

iii. Valid-Major Penalty (results in deduction of 15% of total submitted score as a result of video submissions with five (5) or more poorly executed or no reps) 

iv. Invalid (workout is rejected entirely, resulting in a zero or no score) 

7. If you have any questions, please direct them to [email protected] 

8. Have fun and train safe!

No workouts have been published yet